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We are an entertainment start-up whose mission is to cultivate and empower creative storytellers from around the world by taking an innovative and collaborative approach to content creation.
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empowering writers

We believe that the best stories are emotionally resonant journeys that create an undeniable impact in the minds of the audience. With Impact, we hope to give fresh, global talent the opportunity to share their voices with the world by empowering them with the instruction, knowledge, and resources that we have distilled and codified in over 35 years of bringing stories to life. With our meritocratic application review process, we’re breaking down the systemic barriers to Hollywood and giving all the chance to succeed.

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the accelerator

Impact’s content accelerator is a new and dynamic creative program that’s designed to turn an idea into a saleable screenplay, teleplay or presentation in just eight weeks. We aim to connect diverse, talented voices from all over the world to first class screenwriters and showrunners who will work with Creators to help break story, craft characters, offer ideas, give notes, and push Creators to produce their best work at the accelerated pace of our program. Our program is designed to generate high quality content faster and give artists more leverage in the marketplace and creative control over their projects. Though an LA-based, in-person program for now, Impact has plans to expand into international, virtual, and custom-content accelerators.

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The Speakers 

A key goal of the Impact accelerator is to impart our Creators with a wealth of knowledge not only about writing - but about how to strive for and achieve success. Each week of Impact features dinner with a keynote speaker who can speak to and inspire our Creators in an informal and social setting. From fellow writers to business leaders to athletes and more, we welcome a variety of distinguished guests into the Impact space and encourage all to talk about process, share their war stories, and get to know our community of Creators.

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the Community

Once you are accepted into an Impact program, you immediately become part of the Impact family. Between the collaborative hub of the Impact Space @ WeWork Pacific Design Center and our online alumni community, we aim to give our network of ambitious creative talent the room to collaborate, mentor, support each other, and become lifelong friends as they grow in their careers.


the application

Impact’s immersive application asks questions that are essential for every writer to answer when pitching their project. Designed by Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, and top industry writers and executives, our application reflects the questions that we ask ourselves about each of our projects. Even if not admitted to the Impact program, those who complete the application will gain valuable insight into their characters, their world, and themselves, which can be used to further develop and revise their future projects.