About impact

What Is Imagine Impact?

Imagine Impact is a content accelerator program that aims to cultivate and empower creative storytellers and bring the interests of creators and producers into alignment.

What happens during the Impact accelerator program?

During the Impact program, around 20 selected Creators are paired with a Shaper - a best in class screenwriters and showrunners - to take their projects from the idea stage to a fully-realized screen or series story. Shaper and Creator pairs meet twice weekly as the Creators hone their ideas into polished scripts and series bibles.

In addition, we host weekly dinners and lunches featuring keynote speakers and panels where Creators and Shapers can hear stories and receive advice from renown leaders of all industries in an informal, social setting.

The program culminates in Pitch Day, where the Creators pitch their project to a select group of buyers from all over Hollywood.

Are Creators paid?

Yes. Each Creator or Creative Team will be paid weekly for living expenses (up to $40,000) to make it possible for them to focus singularly on delivering their project in its most polished form.

Will someone buy my project at the end?

We cannot guarantee that your project will be bought at the end of the program, but completing Impact intends to set you up for further success as you continue your career in the industry.

If I get accepted into the program, who owns my project?

Impact Creators retain full creative control and ownership of their projects.

When is the next Impact program?

Impact 3 begins the week of September 9th and runs through October, with Pitch Day held mid-November.


How old do I have to be to apply?

Impact applicants must be a minimum of 18 years old.

Can I apply from outside of the United States?

Yes, Impact encourages applicants to apply internationally.

Do I have to move to Los Angeles?

Yes, you must spend the designated length of your Impact program in Los Angeles. We have future plans to expand Impact to international hubs and virtual programs but those participating in current programs must move to Los Angeles for the duration of the program.

Do applicants for Imagine Impact have to have work authorization in the U.S. to be eligible?

Applicants accepted into the program are given a stipend, not wages, therefore we do not require I-9 clearance nor proof of the right to work in the USA. However, those selected will need a U.S. Federal ID# in order to be issued a 1099 for tax purposes.

How do I get in?

Applications for Impact 3 are now closed. After the online applications are reviewed, finalists will be selected for interviews.

Can I apply as a team?

Yes, we encourage creative teams to apply together. The application has room for the contact information for two writers, and you can list any other individuals who are attached to the project, as well. Please note, however, you cannot apply as both a team and an individual. You must choose one.

The application

How do I apply?

Applications for Impact 3 are now closed. Check back for updates on our next program.

Can I submit more than one idea?

No, only one full application can be submitted per person/team. However, you can list the loglines of a few alternative ideas towards the end of your application.

What kind of idea can I submit?

As of now, Impact is only accepting applications for scripted television series and feature films. You may only submit adaptation ideas if the work is in the public domain or you have all the rights to the IP you would like to adapt. We are not accepting ideas for non-scripted television, variety shows, documentaries, or remakes/sequels, but we have plans to expand into additional formats in the future.

Can I submit the same idea that I submitted for Impact 1 or Impact 2?

Yes, you may submit the same idea. However, unless the idea and/or your answers to the application questions have been improved upon since your last Impact application, the likelihood of the same idea getting a better result than the first time around are slim!

How do I know you won’t steal my idea?

If you receive as many pitches and ideas as we do, it’s unavoidable that there may be some overlap between ideas that are submitted and ideas of our own that may make it to the screen one day. Imagine does not intend to repurpose any ideas we may read while reviewing Impact applications. You can read our full legal liability release here.

What's on the application?

The application consists of questions regarding you and your project, along with areas for you to upload:

  • A 30-second video of you explaining why we should pick you for the Impact program
  • A full-length screenplay or teleplay (or play, short story or novel if you’ve never written a screenplay) that showcases your writing ability
  • A link to a previously produced work of yours (if applicable) The video and sample written work are required. Any application that does not include them will be disqualified.

How long should my application answers be?

You should use as much space as you need to answer each question but we encourage you to be concise.

How should I pick a writing sample?

You should use your best judgement and upload the completed work that best represents your ability to execute the idea you are submitting. For most people, that would be a completed script that is in the same format and genre as the application idea you are submitting (e.g. if you are submitting an application for a half-hour comedy series idea, your writing sample would be a half-hour comedy pilot that you've already finished). Alternatively, you can upload a draft of the project you are submitting as your application idea.

However, that is a suggestion and not a requirement, and we understand if your best previous work might not be exactly similar to what you want to work on during Impact. We also understand if you are a writer of a different format who's just transitioning to screenwriting and would like to submit a play or novel.

I tried to submit my application but it seems that nothing happened. What do I do?

Usually when an applicant has trouble submitting, that means their application is incomplete. You will notice that the completed questions are outlined in green. Please review your application, looking for a red outlined box that indicates a question that was not filled out. Fill in those red boxes, and click the submit button again.

When will I know if I got in?

Everyone who applies to an Impact program will be notified of their application status within eight weeks of the application deadline.

How do you choose Creators to interview? Why didn’t I get in?

We cannot offer feedback on individual Impact applications, as there is no one reason to explain why someone may or may not have been chosen. The median submission we receive is most likely good. Therefore, rejection doesn’t necessarily mean your application was particularly bad, just that there are a sufficient number of others that seemed like a particularly good fit. We can only interview a fixed number of Creators, no matter how many good ones apply. From that cutoff down to about the halfway point, the applications are pretty good, but they were just pushed down by other applicants who were particularly stellar.