Erin Feiger & Jennifer Kodros

Erin Feiger & Jennifer Kodros


Montana native Erin Feiger (Left) earned her M.F.A. from USC in Writing for Screen and Television. Her focus is comedy and has been since she told her first-grade teacher on career day that she wanted to work on Saturday Night Live. She writes short fiction, does stand-up and would love to one day run a writing ranch retreat for kids.

Indiana Alumna and Midwest nomad, Jen Kodros (Right) is a graduate of Chicago’s Second City Conservatory and is currently working her way through The Groundlings. She is writing a YA book series The Bloodline Chronicles, based on the legends of the Greek Gods, and has a blog **RETROSPECTACULAR** which discusses love, loss, the hilarity that is adulting and everything in between.

Erin and Jen found each other in LA and became writing partners over a late-night wine at a sunset diner discussing the trials and travesties of dating in your 30s. Combining their voices has been a symphonic success. You are sincerely welcome.

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